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Here Is A Play That Sums Up The Giants’ Season

Image: Fox Sports

Third-and-9, at your own four. The Giants have long since been eliminated from the playoff hunt, so they’re just playing for pride today against the Washington Football Team. (They're currently losing to both Washington and pride.) And so this was the play call from head coach Joe Judge.

Yeah, that’s right: a Jake Fromm QB sneak up the middle. This takes the coward’s draw, a draw on third-and-long, to a new level. The coward’s sneak! It could only have come from this year’s New York Giants.

I particularly like the shot of Fromm yelling the play to his teammates in the huddle. It was, literally, the second straight play in a row the Giants ran that full house backfield QB sneak up the middle, like they’re the 1929 Fordham Rams. It’s not a QB sneak. It’s a QB overt.

Fox's sideline reporter claimed Judge was furious with his team for its lack of “execution” in the first half. I don't know what he's talking about! The sneaks picked up three yards. The execution was fine.

Giants senior VP Dave Gettleman was on the field taking photos with friends and family today; it appears it is his last game. Judge is coaching like … well, I have no idea what he’s coaching like. Honestly, it seems like Judge will be back.

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