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Goalkeeper Suffers Ultimate Humiliation When Chipped From The Halfway Line

Screen shot via Hartford Athletic

As far as super-long-distance strikes go, this hit by Hartford Athletic's Conor McGlynn is a nice one. Chasing down a misplayed pass from inside his own half, he gives the ball a hell of a thump, which sends it fully halfway down the pitch and into the New York Red Bulls II's goal. The announcer's call is also strong, especially the "WHERE DID GRAVITY GO?!?" But what makes this goal truly special in my eyes is the goalkeeper:

There are so many little details that make this an especially embarrassing version of an already inherently embarrassing type of goal. As is always the case with shots like this, keeper Anthony Marcucci was off his line. That means we get a nice long image of him sprinting like mad in what we know is a doomed attempt to make the save. Then, because Marcucci was running full pelt as he slid over the goal line, his momentum takes him tumbling over into the net. The magnitude of the bad goal hitting him flush now, limbs akimbo and tangled in the netting like a spider's helpless prey, Marcucci slowly attempts to climb out—only then, as he tries to get to his feet, he stumbles and is brought to his hands and knees. Sitting there in that most pitiable of positions, his head slumped down toward an earth he probably wished would open up and swallow him, he gingerly crawls forward and eventually rights himself.

McGlynn's was the fifth shot Marcucci saw fly past him in the match. He wound up conceding two more in a 7–0 loss. The competition is always stiff, but this has to be a strong contender for the 2021 Fallon d'Floor award.

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