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Each New Detail About How Bill Belichick Met His Girlfriend Is The Opposite Of Romantic

Bill Belichick at a press conference for the Patriots.
Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

Now that he no longer works for the New England Patriots, Bill Belichick has shown a new side of his personality. He's done work as an analyst, showed up to stiffly deliver some jokes at Tom Brady's roast, and generally engaged with society to a degree that he never did while coaching an NFL team. That tends to happen when you lose your job and want another one.

In this fresh chapter of his life, the 72-year-old Belichick also has a new girlfriend: Jordon Hudson, a former cheerleader who is either 23 or 24 (a one-year margin of error is not going to change much of the underlying facts here). According to TMZ, the boomer-zoomer pair has been spotted together for a while but only recently chose to soft-launch their relationship earlier this month, when they attended Brady's Patriots Hall of Fame induction ceremony. You can guess which of the two posted about it on Instagram.

What's been interesting is the intentionally restrained tone with each media update on how these two met, careful to treat it like any other celebrity relationship and not pass judgment. I feel safe in declaring that very few people would read the following paragraphs and think, Aw, that's sweet:

According to one of Hudson's former cheerleading teammates, Hudson first met the 72-year-old on a flight from the Boston area bound for Florida way back in 2021 ... and bonded over a philosophy project the student-athlete had been working on.

We're told they swapped contact information after landing, and stayed friendly through the ensuing months ... discussing her school work and the X's and O's of her cheerleading routines.


Oh, wow, so they met on a plane when she was approximately 20, and he autographed her homework while also listing all the Super Bowls he's won? And she's an entrepreneur and philosopher? And she was maybe 1 year old when the Tuck Rule Game happened? Ah, there they are in Nantucket yesterday. Well, no need for any further information at this time. Belichick and Patriots owner Robert Kraft are icy toward each other right now, but maybe they can mend their friendship with some kind of double date.

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