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Donald Trump’s Closing Argument To Pennsylvania Voters: It’s Boring How Basketball Just Goes Back And Forth

Donald Trump does a basketball shooting motion with his hand at a rally in Pennsylvania.

Donald Trump, who is in the process of a final series of rallies in battleground states before Election Day, made a compelling case to voters in Pennsylvania today: "How about basketball? How about LeBron? I felt badly for LeBron, I felt very badly. Down 71 percent, and that's for the champion—I didn't watch one shot. I get bored—back, forth, back, forth."

Trump tried to transition from his grievance with basketball to a complaint about the NFL, with its players who aren't respecting the anthem, but that part wasn't as effective to the crowd in Avoca. When the Pittsburgh Steelers are 7-0 and the Philadelphia Eagles are in first place in a dreadful NFC East, the NFL is good. Better to focus on how LeBron James sucks.

As you watch this clip and let its incoherence wash over you, please keep this in mind: This shit will not stop, regardless of the results of tomorrow's election. He will keep doing this in either outcome. The crowds may get smaller, but it's just going to keep happening.

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