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Do Not Trust This Man With Your Iconic 1974 Ferrari

Charles Leclerc
Jared C. Tilton/Getty Images

Charles Leclerc, noted member of the Defector Formula 1 Sweeties, recently added to his list of Monaco-adjacent woes by crashing Niki Lauda's historic 1974 Ferrari in an exhibition run yesterday.

And so his streak of never finishing a Monaco race in a Formula 1 car continues. Last year: binning it immediately after getting on pole position and being unable to start the race. This year so far: destroying the rear wing of a historic car in a demonstration lap. We can only wait and see what the 2022 Monaco Grand Prix will bring in two weeks.

The crash was due to an issue with the brakes, which means that it wasn't really Leclerc's fault but is nevertheless a mortifying ordeal that I would personally never be able to recover from. On that note, hi! I'm Kathryn, and I'll be joining Defector as an intern and Formula 1 degenerate this summer.

Thank you for your continued support of Defector. Cheers!

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