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If The Detroit Lions Want To Improve, They Should Consider Hiring Jim Caldwell As Head Coach

Coach Jim Caldwell with Detroit Lions logos edited onto his shirt and hat
Leon Halip/Getty Images/Defector Media|

An artist’s depiction of what Jim Caldwell might look like as head coach of the Detroit Lions.

The Detroit Lions endured their second disappointing Sunday in a row, as they followed up Week 1's devastating collapse against the Chicago Bears with yesterday's 42-21 loss to the Green Bay Packers, another division rival. After jumping out to an encouraging 14-3 lead, the Lions gave up 31 straight points over 21 minutes of play. It's time for the organization to make significant changes.

Although historically the Lions lose to the Packers about as often as the Generals lose to the Globetrotters, it's already become apparent early in the season that head coach Matt Patricia's squad is not improving on prior years. When he arrived from New England in 2018, Patricia inherited a team that had put up back-to-back 9-7 seasons. The expectations were that he would elevate the Lions to playoff winners. But in the two-plus seasons since his arrival, he's put up a record of 9-24-1, while continuing to talk like an entitled asshole whenever he gets on camera.

Barring one of the most spectacular turnarounds imaginable, the Lions and Patricia must be at least considering the end of their failed relationship, possibly in the form of a midseason firing. If that's the case, Detroit would be in the market for a candidate who has head coaching experience as well as availability. Might I suggest Jim Caldwell?

I know what you're thinking: Didn't that guy recently have to step away from the Miami Dolphins? And you'd be correct if that was your first reaction to this suggestion, as a health scare led to Caldwell missing the 2019 season and eventually leaving his post as assistant head coach and quarterbacks coach for the Dolphins. Although I haven't spoken to Caldwell recently, as of January of this year the unemployed coach was looking to get back in the game.

Think about it: He feels like a natural fit for this embattled franchise. Though he may not be a trendy or thrilling new hire, Caldwell brings plenty of assets that call out to the Lions' front office: a pair of Super Bowl rings, a career winning record, Midwestern roots, and a track record of success with strong-armed quarterbacks in the vein of Detroit's starter, Matthew Stafford.

Frankly, nobody in their right mind would prefer Matt Patricia to this man. The Lions should act quickly to make sure they can bring in Caldwell before any other struggling teams nail down an interview with this proven veteran leader. Any GM who lets Caldwell slip through their fingers is simply dooming themselves to more losing seasons.

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