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Media Meltdowns

Darren Rovell Has An Opinion On Someone Else’s Personality

Screenshot via ESPN

On Thursday morning, Action Network sports business reporter Darren Rovell chimed in on Naomi Osaka's straight-set Australian Open semifinal win over Serena Williams.

"Her accomplishments are impressive," he wrote. "Beyond what she does on the court though, she has a long way to go. Is on the bottom rung when it comes to emotions and personality."

Perhaps someone pointed out to Rovell that Osaka is widely and rightfully considered one of the funniest and most charming players on tour, or that he, as a humorless dolt who has the body language of Gollum and the affect of Ted Cruz, is not all that qualified to judge anyone else's personality. Or maybe someone let him know that the casual misogyny of his unsolicited opinion would be pretty egregious if he weren't already such an embarrassing weirdo, because the tweet was deleted.

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