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Into The Woods

Dare You Traverse The Tricky Trail?

He died trying to solve the riddles.

The heady scent of apple cider is in the air, the foliage has begun its annual transition from life to death, and the Defector staff has once again retreated to a secret wooded location to conduct annual company meetings. In an effort to keep the blogs humming while we're sequestered, we've curated a collection of woods-themed posts for your enjoyment.

On the grounds of the wooded location at which we are currently on our company retreat, there is a Tricky Trail. It is a short, Halloween-themed path through the woods, decorated with classic spooky woods bits like "witch who flew into a tree" and "hanging corpse" and "Frankenstein"(?). There are are also riddles. The Tricky Trail and its riddles are intended for children, and children are very stupid, so naturally, a number of them have completely stumped 25 adult bloggers.

Are you brave enough to tread the Tricky Trail and uncover its secrets?

This is the one that first threw us off. One major flaw in the Tricky Trail immediately became apparent: No answers are given, anywhere. A number of possible solutions were mooted by the staff. Ice scream? Booberry pie? Terrormisu? There is no way to know if an answer is the "correct" one. And does it matter, for the purposes of the riddle, that the ghost is a "little" ghost? Or is that just to make it all more tragic?

We must move on, deeper down the Tricky Trail.

Ha ha, this one's easy. It's BOOgle. Just wanted to make sure you were paying attention.

We think we have this one, but it's very silly, possibly too silly for someone to have meant it as the answer. See what you think.

Absolutely no idea. What pumpkin-related word sounds vaguely like band-aid? It's definitely going to be along those lines.

All right, this is more of a sphinx-style riddle than the gum-wrapper-joke-types we encountered. I guess there's room for all kinds on the Tricky Trail. Still can't figure out the answer though.

I don't know, man! You're the Tricky Trail, not me!

Please solve these riddles for us. Jasper won't let us leave until we do.

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