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Chandler Jones Blew Up The Titans

Silas Walker/Getty Images

There is something particularly fun about watching an edge rusher completely dominate an NFL game. Not only because a well-executed sack looks cool as hell and can drastically shift the momentum of a drive, but because of how a flurry of them can inspire such feelings of terror and resignation in the opponent. Sometimes there's just nothing an offense can do to keep a specific guy away from the quarterback, and that leads to a whole lot of frantic feet-shuffling and exasperated head-shaking.

Cardinals linebacker Chandler Jones had the Tennessee Titans in the Terror Zone before the first quarter of their Week 1 clash was over. On the Titans' second drive of the game, Jones strip-sacked Ryan Tannehill on the Tennessee's 10-yard line, and the Cardinals punched the ball in for an easy touchdown after recovering it on the goal line. A few minutes later, Jones sacked Tannehill again twice on the same drive.

That was just the first quarter, and by the time the game was over Jones had five sacks and two forced fumbles to his name. The Cardinals won 38-13, in large part because Jones wouldn't stop kicking the ass of whoever was trying to block him.

Jones's performance came with an added layer of satisfaction, due to the fact that he spent a good portion of the game lined up across from bullying shitbag and Barstool Sports podcaster Taylor Lewan. Jones sure made that asshole look like a pathetic moron!

You know a pass rusher is locked in when the schmuck across from him can't even prevent a sack by purposely trying to commit a holding penalty. Jones had 19 total sacks the last time he played a full season for the Cardinals, and today was a great first step towards getting back to that number.

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