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Can Large Drake Score On Steph Curry In The Post?

(Photo by Chris Delmas /Getty)

It is time, once again, to check in on the world's most famous Raptors fan who has permanently retired Warriors numbers on his body. Play this footage of Drake shooting around with Steph Curry:

Drake looks like he spent his quarantine on a steady rosé and winstrol drip. Perhaps he took inspiration from his friend Kyle Lowry, tenant of the most prestigious and potent ass in the NBA, whose cheeks just powered a 53-minute, 33-8-6 tour-de-force on Wednesday night. Drake is not staging an NBA title defense, however, so the endgame is less clear. Surely the rapper has rounded past "Late-Career Deron Williams" and even past "Switchable, Golem-Like Houston Rocket" as he edges towards the dreaded "Present-Day Mike Bibby." I wish Drake well with his physical metamorphosis and present to our readers a question: Can embiggened Drake back down a two-time MVP and plop in a layup? Just one?

H/t Trey Kerby

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