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Browns Safety Steps On A Guy And Fights A Coach All At Once

Ronnie Harrison shoves Greg Lewis

It is Week 1 of the NFL season, and there has already been a coach vs. player fight. Fight! Fight! Fight! Football is back, baby!

The fight between Chiefs RB coach Greg Lewis and Browns safety Ronnie Harrison Jr. ended with offsetting penalties, and Harrison's ejection. It all started when Clyde Edwards-Helaire danced around a bit on the sideline and broke a tackle or two. Edwards-Helaire dodged tackles from Harrison and Mack Wilson Sr., then Harrison recovered and tackled him on the sideline. The play ended with Harrison on top of Edwards-Helaire.

Then: Fight! Fight! Fight! Harrison got up, kind of got pushed back by Wilson and Chiefs guard Joe Thuney, and he stepped on Edwards-Helaire. This led Lewis—a former NFL wide receiver who had an eight-year career and once caught a touchdown in the Super Bowl—to shove Harrison. Harrison then shoved Lewis back, which led to his ejection.

Initially, only the Chiefs got a penalty, for Lewis's shove. But then the refs reconsidered, gave both teams penalties, and ejected Harrison.

Defector promises to keep you abreast of any other coach/player sideline tussles this NFL season.

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