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Two Excellent Running Touchdowns At The Same Time? Thank You So Much!

Image via NFL RedZone

I find NFL RedZone incredibly stressful and overwhelming to watch, but there are moments where my hours of elevated blood pressure is worth it. Today's moment came in the third quarter of the first window of NFL games when two absolutely sick running plays happened so close to together they ended up on the screen at the same time.

Here, watch:

The first is a run by Damien Harris of the Patriots, who slipped right through a cluttered line of New York Jets defenders, dodged an arm-tackle, slipped out of another defender's grip, bounced off a blocked defender, and then carried three Jets defenders across the goal line with him for the touchdown. Excellent. This guy is so slippy!

"REPLAY!" I yelled at my TV because I wanted to see it again, but there was not time for a replay because it was time to see ANOTHER AMAZING RUN.

NFL RedZone went to split screen, still showing the Patriots celebration on the left, and on the right, porting us into the Texans-Browns game. Demetric Felton caught a pass a couple yards behind the line of scrimmage and turned on turbo mode. He zipped through a few good blocks and—just as the Texan defenders began to gain on him—he spun toward the sideline! Boom! Someone dove at his feet and he stumbled his way out of their grip right into the end zone. No one can hold him! He cannot be grabbed!

Incredible. Touchdown Browns/Patriots! Touchdown running!

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