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Ben McAdoo Displays Cool Mastery Of The English Language

McAdoo readying, firing, and aiming.
Screenshot: Panthers

After a couple of fruitless years as an assistant, onetime New York Giants head coach Ben McAdoo is back in the spotlight this year for a turn as the Panthers' offensive coordinator. You may remember him as a Mr. Cool Hair, the best accidental comedian in the NFL, or, somehow, the last coach to lead the Giants to the playoffs. I'm glad he's back in a public-facing position after serving as a consultant for the Cowboys and QB coach for the Jaguars, which is maybe the grimmest job in the league. Anyway, he was asked a fairly simple question about who his starting quarterback will be, and he, in his words, "put the foot in my mouth."

Later, he got a pretty basic sequence of events wrong.

Delightful. May the Panthers be relevant enough that he keeps answering questions for everyone.

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