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Colorado Avalanche TV play-by-play guy Marc Moser is one of the more enthusiastic voices in the NHL. But that enthusiasm does not get doled out equally. If you're one of the very few people in the Denver area who gets Altitude Sports, or if you keep up with the Avs through other means, perhaps you've noticed the gigantic shifts in the decibel levels Moser reaches based on which net the puck goes into.

When the Avs score, Moser screams his goal calls, and sometimes launches even further into delirium. When the Avs are scored on, however, he portrays it as a mere afterthought, or at best a sudden annoyance, using about the same tone as a national announcer would for an offside call.

No, you don't need to open up your volume mixer. That really is just how he is.

It's a classic case of homerism, a kind that, for whatever reason, feels especially prevalent among announcers who cut their teeth on radio, like Moser did. Honestly, though, I'm not pointing this out with critical intent—truly, nobody cares enough about the Ducks or Coyotes to be bothered by some slight disrespect on the away broadcast, and this style only really flounders when the home team is losing a lot. Moser's fluctuations are just one of those things that you can't unhear once you notice them.

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