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Attention Everyone: We Have Delivered Dzanan Musa’s Mail

Laura Wagner and Samer Kalaf in a car with the important mail.
Photo: Laura Wagner

Earlier this week we posted an announcement in an effort to reunite a piece of important mail with its intended recipient, former Brooklyn Nets player Dzanan Musa. A few hours after the post was published, we received an email from Dzennis Musa, who explained he was Dzanan Musa's brother. Dzennis wrote:

First of all we would like to thank you. We just saw your Tweet about Dzanan’s Mail. We would really appreciate it if you can send it to:

[Redacted]Brooklyn ny [Redacted]Attention [Redacted]

Once again thanks for the kindness.

King regards,

Dzennis Musa (Dzanan's brother)

An associate of Dzennis Musa would be at the address, and because it was not far from Defector's workspace, I offered to hand-deliver the important benefit information. My colleague Samer Kalaf accompanied me in hopes of taking a photo commemorating the occasion. We arranged to drop off the mail on Wednesday morning.

At the appointed time, the friendly Musa associate waved to us from outside his building. We handed over the mail and chatted briefly. Though he seemed a little confused about our eagerness to deliver months-old mail to an acquaintance of the brother of a former Nets player, he was grateful and said it was "awesome." He then politely and understandably declined to have his photo taken with the important mail, but promised to put Dzennis in touch with us the next time he was in the neighborhood. If you know of any other former NBA players who need their mail forwarded in the New York City area, please email

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