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Boban Marjanovic is the only tall person in his family. His mother reportedly measures around 5 feet. His dad stands 5-foot-9. Nor is grandfather responsible for the Dallas Mavericks center's remarkable stature, judging by a video he shared today. In it, Boban's deda hits an underarm free throw and is hyped up by his grandson, who has a pretty wet jumper and a career 77 percent mark from the stripe. "This is how my grandpa do it!!! 😍," Marjanovic wrote.

Last month, Marjanovic wrote a tribute to his late grandmother. So it's nice to see him enjoying time with family back in Serbia during this strangely timed offseason, shouting "Idemo!" ("Let's go!") in joy, and charging the rim with phone outstretched at roughly rim height.

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