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A Stumble Of Keriths, With Kerith Burke

The Namedropping podcast logo, a coffee cup with a scratched-out name
Art by Tara Jacoby

A few months ago, this pair of podcasting rogues discovered a potential side quest. It was hiding in the Twitter bio of NBC Sports Golden State Warriors reporter Kerith Burke: "If you meet another Kerith, let me know." Challenge accepted.

After consulting with Burke to learn what she was looking for in a name twin, the search began. Our producer Ozzy vetted a number of Keriths across the land and brought a select few to us for some questions. The result was a panel of Keriths with overlapping insights into their shared name.

From our perspective, it was a real delight. From theirs, it was cathartic. They all were named after a character in the same novel. They all had been called Keith. We had to put them into communion and hear what they had to say to each other. We're comfortable asserting that this episode, the season finale of Namedropping, featured the largest gathering of Keriths in recorded history.

A transcript for the episode can be found here.

If you've never listened to the pod before, check out our season opener with comedian and mathematician Sridhar Ramesh.

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