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A Street Rat Named Desire, With Alli Katz

The Namedropping podcast logo, a coffee cup with a scratched-out name
Art by Tara Jacoby

Alley cats are a feature of urban environments, and Alli Katz is a Philadelphia-based cartoonist and writer. In this week's episode of Namedropping, we talked to her about life with a name as a pun, which sounds much sunnier than we might have expected.

Alli theorizes that her name gave her a better sense of humor, and draws a sharp contrast between her current existence and her hypothetical life as an Allison. We learn about the outrageous nickname a math teacher once gave her, her process for giving her kids the coolest names possible, and the confusing name she's assigned to her cat. We also discuss the merits of various cartoon alley cats, and the effort levels of Tom from Tom and Jerry.

The transcript for the episode can be found here.

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