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College Basketball

Woman Who Didn’t Call A Timeout While Her Team Gave Up A 19-0 Run Has Thoughts On COVID Testing

Photo by Carmen Mandato/Getty Images

The Baylor women's basketball team lost 69-67 in Monday night's Elite Eight contest against Connecticut, and if you watch enough replays of Baylor's final possession, you might become convinced that DiJonai Carrington should have been sent to the free-throw line with a chance to take the lead. So, sure, go ahead and think that Baylor got jobbed, but also remember this: The Lady Bears would not have been in a position to need that foul call if they hadn't gotten their asses kicked up and down the floor throughout the second half.

Baylor was up 55-45 with under two minutes left in the third quarter, at which point it let UConn score 19 straight points. Runs are inevitable when good teams meet each other, but usually they can be nipped at 10-0 or 12-0 because the coach of the team on the wrong end of things understands the importance of calling a damn timeout and drawing up a play. And yet Baylor coach Kim Mulkey just stood there and yelled and fiddled with her mask while her team's tournament hopes disintegrated.

All if this is preamble to Mulkey's postgame press conference, in which she, not long after having stood around dumbly while her team got repeatedly kicked in the teeth, provided a recommendation for how some other people at the tournament should go about doing their jobs:

I don't know, guys, do you think we should listen to this person on COVID-19 protocols?

Yeah, we definitely should.

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