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A Tennessee Titans fan wearing a blue mask with the three stars of the Nashville flag on it. He also has wild orange clown hair, and a bandana around his mouth/neck area.
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This man would not have punted.

What was Mike Vrabel possibly thinking?

It was the fourth quarter. There were 10 minutes left. The Titans trailed the Ravens, 17-13. Tennessee had a fourth-and-2 at the Baltimore 40. And they punted.

The punt went 25 yards. The Ravens were back to their own 38 just four plays later. They ended up kicking a field goal; the Titans got the ball back down a touchdown with just 4:19 left. Ryan Tannehill then threw an interception, and the game was basically over.

But back to that punt. The idea, presumably, was that the Titans defense would hold the Ravens and Tennessee would be able to drive for the game-winning score later. Right. Was that even likely? Obviously it didn’t happen, but the Titans had forced just two three-and-outs all game. But don't listen to me. Listen to these numbers nerds.

Pro Football Reference said it was the first time in its database (since 1994) that a team had punted down a score in this field position.

So what did we learn? Mike Vrabel is willing to cut off his own dick to win a Super Bowl, but he's not willing to go for it on fourth-and-2.

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