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Who Knew Orchids Could Cause This Much Drama?

An illustration of several people, each one passing some juicy gossip on to the next one.
Illustration by Tara Jacoby

I do not have a green thumb. I like plants. I want them to stay alive. I buy a new one every so often at the home improvement store and beg it to live. But most of my plants do best if I can water them every day or not at all. The most drama I ever have with a plant is when one dies and I have to dispose of it, causing me to get dirt everywhere and also feel sad. All of this drama is self-contained. It needs no one else.

I never knew that gardening could cause so much drama until we got this week's story in our inbox. This week we have a story about loving orchids so much that you're willing to rebuild your house, fight an HOA, defy your children and hire a man named Larry. That's an amount of passion I've never mustered for anything!

Joining me this week are Lindsey Weber and Bobby Finger. Lindsey and Bobby co-host the beloved celebrity gossip podcast Who? Weekly. I have been listening to Who? Weekly for years, so it was a delight to have them on!

I talked to Lindsey and Bobby about their own feelings about plants, how they share gossip with each other, and whether running a celebrity gossip podcast has diminished their interest in regular gossip (it has not). Then we dove into this week's gossip about an East Texas dad who just wants to grow as many beautiful orchids as possible but is stymied by his own ambition.

Also! Thank you to everyone who came out to our live show last week in New York. We worked really hard to make it a special night! I had a really fun time, and I hope y'all did too!

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