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White Sox Send Eloy Jimenez To The Great Baseball Diamond In The Sky

A jersey of Eloy Jimenez, with his batting gloves, signed by his teammates and hung in the dugout during Thursday's season-opener.
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RIP to Eloy.

The Chicago White Sox kicked off their season Thursday night without departed outfielder Eloy Jimenez, who at the tender age of just 24 years old was suddenly ripped from our world by a God whose purposes are never more mysterious than when the good are cruelly cut down in the prime of life. Coming off a promising sophomore season and primed for a bright future, Jimenez must now lift his White Sox teammates in spirit and memory, from a place beyond the grave. But Opening Day would not be complete—would not be right—without a tribute to this fallen teammate, and so the White Sox took some time during pregame ceremonies to touchingly memorialize their lost brother-in-arms.

First baseman* José Abreu carried a Jimenez jersey lovingly signed by all his teammates out onto the field for player introductions, along with a pair of Jimenez's batting gloves. I just know that Jimenez was looking down on this moment from a better place, and appreciated this truly moving ceremony. Please, excuse yourself from whatever you are doing so that you may process the deep emotions in private.

Jimenez may be gone but truly he has not been forgotten. And in fact he is expected to return to the White Sox lineup in late summer, which is nice:

“There’s a chance, certainly, that he beats that traditional timeframe for this type of injury of five to six months,” [White Sox general manager Rick Hahn] said. “But quite candidly, no one’s going to know that for at least 12 weeks until he’s completed the healing process and the rehabilitation side of this injury.”

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Rest up in peace, brave Eloy.

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