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What Exactly Was Keith Olbermann Trying To Do When Creating This, The Worst Tweet Of All Time?

Keith Olbermann

Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

Hey, remember Keith Olbermann? The once-prolific sports anchor and cable news political commentator who is now no longer either of those things? Let's see what he's up to on this important day:

Ahhh, oh boy. Huh. What, uh, what's the deal here?

A theory: What Olbermann was trying to do when he (insanely) called Donald Trump "a whiny little Kunta Kinte" was bowdlerize the c-word. You see, he was cheekily attempting to call Donald Trump the c-word without being misogynistic, and in so doing made a racist quip, instead.

Anyway, I think that's what happened here. Carry on.

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