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Ways To Unwind, Ranked

A black and white photo of two women relaxing. Both are sitting in chairs. One is looking off into the distance and having a drink. The other is looking right at the camera and smiling.
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Two women unwinding

Sometimes, when you are having a bad day (like I am having today), it's nice to think about ways to make yourself feel good. Throughout the pandemic, I have learned the value of creating a transition space between day and night, and between work and play. It is very soothing to give yourself time and room to feel good. So, in that spirit, here is my list of ways to unwind. It is completely subjective, based solely on the very unscientific research of what feels good to me! It is in no way comprehensive! But they are, for today, the best ways to unwind.

Here are they are, ranked from best to worst:

1. Going for a leisurely walk outside in nature with your dog and your buddy

2. Watching the sun set

3. Taking your bra off

4. Plopping down on the couch

5. Putting nice tunes on the speakers

6. Sinking into a really warm bath

7. Stretching out your body with yoga

8. Adding a little lime juice to a glass bubbly water as a treat

9. Changing into your cozy pants

10. Massaging the sides of your jaw with both of your hands

11. Popping open a fancy beverage and pouring it into a nice glass

12. Meditating for a few minutes to become calm

13. Calling someone you miss on the phone to chat

14. Doing a low-stakes craft

15. Reading a few very nice poems

16. Putting a few pieces of cheese and crackers on a plate for a snack

17. Flipping mindlessly through a magazine

18. Finding homes for two puzzle pieces

19. Writing a card to send to your friend as a surprise

20. Lying down while you are run over by a commuter bus

21. Looking at your phone

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