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Was Tom Brady Crud Tonight?

Crud Meter by Chris Thompson

Tom Brady and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers played a Monday night game against the New York Giants, and that means it's time to take a gander at the Crud Meter.

Brady was inarguably cruddy for the first two quarters of tonight's game, going 16-of-24 for 132 passing yards and no touchdowns as New York led at halftime, 14-6. Although he came alive in the second half and threw touchdown passes to Rob Gronkowski and Mike Evans, the QB was initially grumpy about his team's stagnant offense:

Opposing quarterback Daniel Jones, who threw two picks in the game, rallied the offense and finished a last-minute drive with a Golden Tate TD catch to cut Tampa Bay's lead to 25-23. But New York wasn't able to force overtime after the failed two-point conversion, courtesy of Bucs safety Antoine Winfield Jr.'s dubious coverage of Dion Lewis:

Though Brady shook off the crud of the first half to be less cruddy when it mattered, and the Buccaneers emerged victorious, we must keep in mind that this all happened against the pathetic, one-win Giants. The Crud Meter reflects this.

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