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Touchdown Tom Has Done It Again

Tom Brady sacked by Grady Jarrett
Julio Aguilar/Getty Images

What a winner that Tom Brady is! The 45-year-old quarterback for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers had a chance to salt away a surprisingly close game with one final drive, and—what do you know—he did it! Congratulations to Tom Brady, the GOAT!

Things started off pretty well for Brady today. By the third quarter the Bucs led the Falcons, 21-0. Brady had a few nice passes, including a really pretty one to Mike Evans that set up Tampa’s first touchdown early on. Then the Buccaneers began to stall, and the Falcons went on a bit of a run. Avery Williams scored first, then Olamide Zaccheaus caught a score. A two-point conversion made it 21-15—if the Falcons got the ball again and scored a touchdown and extra point, they’d take the lead!

Brady stood in the way. He was ready. He picked up a crucial third down (on a defensive holding penalty). Then another third down came. There were just three minutes left in the game. And yeah, Tom Brady was sacked by Grady Jarrett on the play—but he had a secret weapon in his pocket.

The referee’s flag saved the day. Roughing the passer was the call. The drive not only continued, but it moved deeper into Falcons territory. One more third-down conversion—this time by a more conventional route, a pass to Mike Evans—and Brady could run out the clock. That’s Touchdown Tom for you: Forty-five years old and still finding new ways to win!

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