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Tito Ortiz, a somewhat active MMA fighter and very active fringe kook, is currently in his first month as Huntington Beach city council member and mayor pro tem. His first meeting earlier this month featured him referring to the "plandemic" and getting roasted by a citizen during public comment. While Ortiz didn't have much to say during this past Monday's 4.5-hour session, he still managed to create some highlights.

As is always the case with the goings-on of Ortiz, thanks to Twitter user Borrachinha Depot for chronicling the fighter's every move. The meeting started with a bang, as Ortiz raised his hand when a name other than his was called during roll call. When it got down to business, Ortiz tried to unlawfully appoint one person to serve on multiple committees, showing off his trademark grip on reality.

Things got a bit heated when fellow Council Member Dan Kalmick criticized Ortiz for failing to wear a mask and ceaselessly talking about how the COVID-19 pandemic is either a population control method or a hoax. Ortiz tried to retort by accusing that council member of prior masklessness, which did not seem to be true.

The best part, however, was when Ortiz seconded a motion, voted the wrong way causing the motion to fail, then asked to change his vote because he meant to vote for it:

That's not the first time Ortiz has had issues with a decision this year.

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