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Time To Process Our Michael Phelps Trauma!

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There's a certain shared bond between people who have had a big injury. The trauma of it is not just the pain, but the recovery. To be injured is to be reminded that disability comes for all of us in one way or another, and that it is much, much, harder to walk than you've ever imagined. It's exhausting, and terrible, and not fun!

Luckily, today's gossip isn't about the immediate aftermath of an unexpected trauma. It's about what happens to one woman when she has a knee replaced and is forced to rehab it by joining a water aerobics class at her community pool! Everyone knows the community pool is a source of infinite drama, so you know this'll be good!

Joining me this week is B.A. Parker! Parker is the host of Code Switch, NPR's show about race and identity. She is a writer and audio producer who lives in Brooklyn but grew up in Baltimore (hence the Michael Phelps trauma). Her work can also be heard on The Cut podcast from New York magazine.

Parker and I discussed making sure that your gossip doesn't hurt anyone, how astrology plays a role in our gossip about other people and ourselves, and—how could we not—Love Is Blind.

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(The transcript for this week’s episode can be found here.)

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