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Sports Highlight Of The Day

The Sports Highlight Of The Day Is This Person Who Laughs So Hard She Sounds Like A Robot

1:17 PM EST on November 20, 2020

While I'd like to claim that we all have a friend whose laugh is so distinctive that the laugh itself provokes more laughter, maybe that assumption is wrong. If you do, it's a wonderful bonus whenever you make a joke. You'll feel like the best comedian in the world. If you aren't fortunate enough to have a friend like that, live vicariously through this video of two pals hanging out before one of them laughs so hard that she creates a newly discovered sound.


Glad to know she thinks so highly of me 😍 @tatumm.lovee #prank #funny #JingleJangleWithMe

♬ original sound - Roquey

To find this inoffensive and unremarkable joke so funny—that is truly living. And the friend recording the video must feel like a million bucks, like the greatest act in existence, to make their audience double over and start talking like they're using voice manipulation software on an episode of Dateline.

A friend with a laugh like this should be recognized for their achievements. It is not an annoyance, but a gift that this woman can reach a level of laughter which resembles Optimus Prime in his death throes. Appreciate the joy—unless you have to work in an office with them every day.

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