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Sports Highlight Of The Day

The Sports Highlight Of The Day Is This Brave Photographer’s Fight Against Authority

Screenshot via Twitter

Seconds after the final buzzer formalized St. Bonaventure's Atlantic 10 championship win over VCU on Saturday, the true contest started. Bonnies digital media director Nathan DeSutter set out to chronicle the Bonnies players celebrating in front of their adoring fans, though he was briefly and forcefully waylaid by an overambitious security guard, despite the protests of the Bonnies players.

You can see DeSutter here on the baseline. He's obviously a true craftsman, as he keeps shooting despite the disturbance, and even shows some impressive lateral movement skills in his brief evasion of the guard. Once he got away, the guard choked him and attempted to march him off the floor, though players and staff eventually intervened on his behalf, and DeSutter got to shoot the cutting down of the nets.

Here is another angle.

St. Bonaventure posted some of DeSutter's footage, and it's a bummer that he wasn't allowed to keep filming the immediate celebration of an NCAA Tournament berth. The Atlantic 10 is conducting an investigation of the incident, though I'm not really sure what there is to investigate. Maybe they just want to spend some time looking at the iconic image of the kerfuffle, which was captured by Dayton student Griffin Quinn. He got so many good details: upturned palm, the raging, nasally exposed security guard, and the Bonnies player voicing a protest.

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