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The Commanders May Or May Not Be For Sale

12:24 PM EDT on November 2, 2022

Dan Snyder looks gross.
Al Pereira/Getty Images

A rather unexpected scoop came from Forbes this morning: Dan and Tanya Snyder have hired Bank of America to explore "potential transactions" involving the Washington Commanders. Could it be? Could the most reviled owner in American sports finally be ridding himself from our daily lives?

The answer to that question is not exactly clear. Almost as soon as the Forbes report was published, the Commanders released a statement acknowledging that the Snyders have indeed hired some bankers, but didn't offer any other details about what specifically these bankers would be doing. They could be exploring options for a full sale of the franchise, or they could be seeking some sort of investor to buy a minority stake. When pressed for clarity, a Commanders spokesperson would only say that the team is "exploring all options."

Keep the confetti and fireworks in the garage for now, I guess. In fact, maybe they should stay there even in the event of a sale, because nothing good can ever happen when Dan Snyder is involved. By this time next year, he could be $2 billion richer as the Commanders take the field under the watchful eye of new team chairman Yasir Al-Rumayyan.

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