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Segments That Are In Every Episode Of ‘Aerial America’

<> on September 13, 2009 in New York, New York.
Photo by Mario Tama/Getty Images

In no particular order:

    • “Here’s the state capitol!”
    • “Here’s a long shot of a pretty coastline!”
    • “Here’s an old flour mill where one of America’s biggest corporate monopolies began!”
    • “Your dad’s favorite musician was born in THIS house!”
    • “Here’s the bigggggg city!”
    • “Here’s State U! Famous alums include Sonny Bono!”
    • [solemn voice] “This stone in a vast field marks the spot where many Native Americans were horribly massacred.”
    • “Here’s an empty NFL stadium!”
    • “This is one of America’s angriest prisons.”
    • “This used to be a mountain before it was leveled for the sweet, black coal within. Many environmentalists say this is bad.”
    • “Mormons!”
    • “Here’s an ancient mound whose origins are unknown!”
    • “This town used to have a population of 200,000. Today? Eight.”
    • “These mountains are beautiful, but also DANGEROUS.”
    • “Tourists from all over the world love to cross this bridge, on foot or by car!”
    • “This barren landscape is actually one of the most productive oil fields in the state!”
    • “Look at ALL that corn!”
    • “Here’s a statue of a guy!”
    • “Actor Robert Redford owns much of this land.”

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