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Ryan Tannehill Uncorked An Absolutely Gorgeous Throw To Win The AFC South

Ryan Tannehill #17 of the Tennessee Titans looks to pass
Carmen Mandato/Getty

Ryan Tannehill's mid-career reinvention into a quarterback who reliably comes through in clutch moments continues to pay dividends for the Tennessee Titans, as the reigning Comeback Player Of The Year pulled a tremendous pass out of his back pocket in the final minute of the regular season to deliver a division title to his boys.

Going up against the 4-12 Texans—who did not look like a 4-12 team today—and needing a win to hold off the victorious Indianapolis Colts, the Titans found themselves in a 38-38 tie game with 18 seconds left after a Ka'imi Fairbairn field goal drew Houston level. With the ball on their own 25, the Titans were likely thinking, "Man, this would be a great time for a 50-yard pass." Well, Tannehill did not give them a 50-yard pass. He delivered, instead, a fifty-two yard bomb to A.J. Brown all the way into solid field goal range.

I have zero connection at all to the Tennessee Titans, and I want to just start sobbing at this throw like I'm looking up at a gigantic painting at The Met. It's amazing! It's a frickin' rainbow. It's the kind of throw you only make in your dreams. But here it is, the very real play that enabled a game-winning doinked kick:

Here's another angle:

Good stuff! Really good stuff. Unless you're the Colts.

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