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Report: Cole Beasley Running Around Like An Asshole

Bryan M. Bennett/Getty Images

Buffalo Bills wide receiver and strident anti-vaxx moron Cole Beasley is not participating in his team's game against the Patriots today. That is because he tested positive for COVID-19 this week, and was subsequently placed in the NFL's health and safety protocols. Though Beasley nearly made it through the entire regular season without missing a game due to a positive COVID-19 test, it seems that he was busy being as big of a dipshit as possible during those weeks.

ESPN's Chris Mortensen reported today that Beasley has been racking up fines throughout the season for violating the NFL's COVID-19 rules:

Beasley could have received these fines for any number of violations. He could have been refusing to wear his mask inside team facilities, or using the weight room while his vaccinated teammates were in there, or going out to Dave & Buster's with the entire receiving corps. Though it's not clear which rules Beasley specifically broke, the sheer amount of fines he's paid indicates that he's been pretty brazen about ignoring the league's safety protocols and putting those around him at greater risk.

Earlier this season, Beasley made comments in which he said that he that wants all players to be safe and touted the effectiveness of the league's pre-vaccine 2020 protocols. If it's hard to square what he said then with the fact that he seems to be boldly and repeatedly ignoring those very same protocols in 2021, it's only because you need to be reminded that Beasley is an empty-headed mediocrity who has never had or expressed a single coherent thought about any of this shit. He's just a dumb asshole who sucks.

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