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PokuWatch: Proof Of Concept

Contemplating the possibilites
Screenshot: ESPN+

Welcome to PokuWatch, formerly BaynesWatch, a special Defector segment dedicated to the NBA’s most baffling ongoing statistical mystery.

In his 471st minute of total playing time for the Oklahoma City Thunder and their D-League affiliate, Aleksej Pokusevski demonstrated phenomena only our boldest theoreticians had previously dared hypothesize: He attempted free throws in a competitive basketball game in the United States.

With 22 seconds remaining in the Oklahoma City Blue's eventual win over the Iowa Wolves, Lindell Wigginton wrote his name into the annals of history when he committed an intentional foul on Pokusevski to stop the clock. The world, too, stopped for a moment as Pokusevski, sent to the line against his will, stepped up to ice the game. He missed both free throws.

This has been PokuWatch, formerly BaynesWatch.

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