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He made the bet in October, and kept his promise in March. On Friday's Twitch stream, Defector's own Patrick Redford ate a whole onion like an apple because the Sacramento Kings clinched a playoff spot (real thing, not play-in) for the first time since the 2005–06 season.

With the action called by Giri Nathan and Samer Kalaf, Patrick discussed his preparation, answered Kings trivia questions between bites, and finished a yellow onion, core included. He also told a story about the time he confused a graf and a graph. Some of the haters thought he would bail himself out with a shallot or scallion or some other puny allium, but Patrick is a man of his word. You can watch the entire event below.

When reached for comment minutes after the onion consumption, Patrick issued this official statement: "There were two bites in the middle there when the flavor changed. That was the critical moment of the game, but I made the right adjustments."

Thanks to Luis Paez-Pumar for running the stream, and Dan McQuade for putting together the intro. It may smell crazy in there for the next couple of days. Light the beam.

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