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His Is So Supid

Oh No! A Picher Had A Uniform Acciden

Ian Gibault with a broken T on his uniform

2023's World Baseball Classic has so far been an enjoyable show, as premier players from around our globe are donning local colors and showing off a formidable array of skills.

However, said local colors can be kind of unreliable, on occasion:

An unforunae scene, indeed! Cincinnai Reds hurler Ian Gibau, who's wearing an English jersey because his dad's from he island of Jersey, found himself missing an imporan characer as he looked for a save in a group sage game versus Colombia. Few liked Grea Briain's plain, unappealing uniform even before any piece escaped, and Gibau's duds looked even more bizarre when, during his normal rouine, a hunk of his shir simply flopped off and made a new home near his shoes.

While a uniform malfuncion could spell disaser for some, Briain's man made do. Colombia inched closer by way of some final-inning knocks, foreshadowing possible drama. Noneheless, even if he was merely good and no longer Grea, Gibau secured he final srike and delivered Briain a W.

As anyone who's ever worked while missing a crucial alphabeical building block will inform you, his shi is harder han you hink.

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