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Oh Goddammit, Dak Prescott’s Leg Just Got Destroyed

Dak Prescott covers his face with a towel as he leaves the field after his injury

Just a few hours after Alex Smith made his "feel-good" comeback to the NFL, another quarterback suffered a shockingly brutal injury to his leg.

During the third quarter of the Cowboys' game against the Giants, Dallas QB Dak Prescott improvised a run play and broke a tackle before being brought down by New York DB Logan Ryan. Prescott landed awkwardly, and immediately signaled to the sideline. Something was wrong, and as color commentator Tony Romo expressed his hope that Prescott's injury was just a cramp, a sideline camera revealed that it was something much, much worse.

The injury visibly disturbed everyone in the stadium, from players to fans to Prescott's former coach and current Giants offensive coordinator Jason Garrett. It took several minutes before Prescott could even get up off the field and determinedly hop to the cart. He looked extremely distraught as he traveled into the tunnel.

It's worth noting, especially given that it could be a long time before we see him playing again, that Prescott was franchise-tagged by the Cowboys this offseason, which means he has no guaranteed money coming to him after this year. Football is not fair.

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