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No, Sorry, We Cannot Let Grayson Allen Be This Way

Grayson Allen

Photo by Brett Carlsen/Getty Images

Did you see what this goddamn Grayson Allen did yesterday? Can you believe this shit?

So what we have here is Hawks guard Trae Young, who finds himself in the midst of a long-simmering feud with Grizzlies goon Grayson Allen, pointing out a clip which appears to show Allen attempting to trip Young. And then we have Allen, Grayson fucking Allen, trying to get all spicy in response to Young's accusation.

No! This is not allowed! Allen, a man who is known for literally nothing but being a pathologically dirty player, cannot be permitted to leverage his awful identity into a back-and-forth with another, actually cool, NBA player. I do not care if Allen was or was not trying to trip Young in the clip above, because Allen has been caught doing intentionally dirty shit to his opponents no less than a dozen times throughout his college and pro career. Where does this guy get off?

We all need to agree that Grayson Allen is not invited to the conversation about his dirty play. To allow such a thing would be like asking a fart to discuss its own smell. If Twitter really wants to get serious about making the world a better place, they will de-platform Grayson Allen immediately.

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