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Mighty Iceberg Punts Climbers Into The Ocean

The two climbers scramble into the water.
Screenshot: Mike Horn/YouTube

Ice climbing is one of the trickier and more gear-intensive disciplines of the sport, and to me, it's one of the scariest for the simple reason that frozen water is far less reliable than rock. That is doubly true for an iceberg, such as the one below that South African explorer and French mountaineer Fred Roux got onto. Climbing icebergs is rare, if not unheard of, and you can clearly see why as this one flips over with the two dudes attached to it.

Both guys are fine. Horn posted a vlog (in French) about the experience, detailing the setup and idea behind the botched ascent. "If I fight against nature," he says at one point, reflecting on the need to be humble, "I will die." There are fewer polar activities less humble than trying to climb an iceberg, but I get his point.

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H/t Rock & Ice

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