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Meyers Leonard Banished To And Then Immediately From Oklahoma City

Meyers Leonard taking a call right before cutting the stream off.
Screenshot: Meyers Leonard/Twitch

The NBA trade deadline is March 25, but today there's been a transaction that could charitably be called "noteworthy." The Oklahoma City Thunder have swapped Trevor Ariza for the Miami Heat's Meyers Leonard and a second-round pick, six drafts from now. Neither player has contributed to their team, as Leonard logged 29 minutes before sustaining a season-ending shoulder injury, and Ariza has been away from the team dealing with a family issue. Leonard was also, of course, suspended by his team last week after yelling an antisemitic slur on his Twitch stream. The center reportedly had to waive his no-trade clause in order for the deal to process.

As Leonard is injured, on an expiring deal, and at the end of a suspension for being antisemitic while gaming, there was not a lot he could have offered to the Thunder as they trudge through this season. Even so, all indications are that he, like Ariza, will not actually step foot in Oklahoma.

In related news, Leonard had his Twitch ban lifted on Tuesday. Now, his followers wait with bated breath for him to explain why his wife so urgently wanted him to hang out with her.

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