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Olympic Dog Lucy Attends Second Consecutive Winter Games

Screencap via NBC

This morning, while writing my blog, I glanced up at my television and was startled to see my on-again-off-again "best" "friend" Lindsey Vonn sitting in the hot seat. She was, no surprise, talking about tonight's skiing events. What I was more surprised to see was her Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Lucy. She was there as well.

"She's really the star, as everyone could see," Vonn said, petting Lucy before going on to discuss the postponement of last night's ski events. I'm not really sure what else Vonn said because I wasn't listening. Lucy, also not listening, yawned. Lucy blinked slowly during the segment and even stuck out her tongue, but she mostly stared right into the camera. A star!

"I feel like Lucy's waiting for a question, but I just don't have one for her," host Rebecca Lowe said. This probably worked out for the best because Lucy, as you can see, did not wish to answer any questions. She simply desired to sit and look beautiful.

Lucy has travelled to the winter games before. Vonn brought Lucy with her to the 2018 games in Pyeongchang. Vonn hasn't explained why she brought Lucy in 2022, but here's what she said at the last winter Olympics, per USA Today:

"It’s extremely lonely on the road since I got divorced. I had a lot of free time on my hands at night. And being in a hotel room is oftentimes, yeah, it’s just extremely difficult.

"So I got Lucy to travel with me everywhere. I was questioning whether I was going to bring her here because it was a long trip. But she’s always with me, so I figured I need her with me for the most important event."

Lindsey Vonn

Lucy must have done pretty well because she got invited back. But, like any seasoned vet, the second time does appear to be going more smoothly. Lucy seemed much more distinguished this time around, sitting very calmly through the entire Sunday segment.

I did not know that Lucy also has her own Instagram account (a huge oversight by me, I admit). But here is a picture of her en route to the games:

Everybody Loves Lucy!

Congratulations to Lucy on what is, for her, already a successful second winter games!

Defector has texted Vonn to ask why Lucy attended the games. We will update this post if we learn more.

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