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Lance Lynn Has Been Sweating A Lot Recently, And It Seems To Be Working

Lance Lynn's hat is checked by an umpire
Quinn Harris/Getty Images|

Ump Phil Cuzzi checks Lance Lynn’s glove during a game. As a baseball player, Lynn presumably wears a glove every day. However, a different item of clothing he keeps wearing for workouts is completely horrifying.

Since transitioning to a completely work-from-home career in 2017, I have begun dressing sloppier and sloppier. Basically, I now dress like a rich 16-year-old and my favorite things to wear are hoodies. I have way too many hoodies and other sweatshirts, and I keep buying more. It is a problem.

But I can work on that. A stickier problem is what to do with newly purchased hoodies in the summer. One could, conceivably, buy fewer or even in theory no hoodies during the summer, but the companies keep releasing them and I keep buying them. Again, I can work on that problem. But I can't make it colder. And so this hoodie I bought the other week, a truly dope collab from... well, I don't need to give them any free advertising, but let's just say it's a great hoodie that I have not yet been able to wear. It's July! It's been too hot!

I thought of this problem when I read this tweet from The Athletic's White Sox beat writer, James Fegan. He talked to Lance Lynn this afternoon. Lynn, who was traded from the Rangers for two players with tremendous names (Future Guys Avery Weems and Dane Dunning) during the offseason, is having a great year. He's 8-3 with a 2.03 ERA. He's striking out 10.5 guys per nine innings. And he's inspiring YouTube videos with titles like "Lance Lynn bullies the Orioles, a breakdown," "Lance Lynn: Elite Potty Mouth," and "Lance Lynn is a Freak!!! Hilarious." None of that is as hilarious as this apparent off-day tradition of his:

If you always feel miserable, it offers a sort of consistency. Indeed, and not merely wise words but ones to live by, apparently, with how well Lynn is pitching this year. I don't see how wearing a hoodie when it's nearly 100 degrees and humid would help my writing, but maybe I will give this a try. If every day is miserable, just think of all the tremendous content I can turn out!

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