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Kelsey And Diana Recommend: Giant Water Bottle

Coming back from collect water, a woman, deprived of drinking water in her house, pushes a wheelbarrow containing a large pitcher of water on August 03, 1990 in Saint-Martin-des-Besaces, France.
Mychele Daniau/AFP via Getty Images

Today we have the Sunday shift, and also it is hot as the hinges of hell outside. So we bring to you, our dear readers, a really good recommendation. The recommendation is this: Get a giant water bottle. Here is why.


Diana's cat Lilly with a giant water bottle. Yes, it took many tries to get this photo. (Credit: Diana Moskovitz)

I bought my 32-ounce giant water bottle for purely selfish reasons: My husband bought one and, therefore, I wanted one too. But, no, I would not use his because his was was not a color that I liked. Therefore, I needed my own, with a giant sticker on it that I randomly got from someplace I don't remember. But what matters is that I think it looks cool on the bottle. Anyway, it turned out I actually did need this because, once I purchased this water bottle, I started drinking more water, which I knew I was supposed to do but had failed at for no good reason other than basic human stupidity. I now keep water bottles of various sizes and in various states of dinged up at my workspace, in my car, and in my purse. Lilly, my cat, never forgets to drink water! But I do. This is why only one of us is a genius, and it's not me.


Kelsey's big dog Georgia posing next to giant water bottle
Kelsey's big dog Georgia posing next to giant water bottle (Credit: Kelsey McKinney)

I bought this water bottle in the winter when we were still social distancing. The reason I bought it is because I'm lazy. Often, I would be sitting at my desk, looking at an empty glass, thinking about how I was thirsty and instead of going and refilling my glass, I would just continue blogging. This was dumb, but I knew I would not change. So instead, I bought a giant water bottle. My water bottle holds one gallon of water. It is roughly the size of my torso and difficult to carry. But now I refill it in the morning and drink a gallon of water every day. My skin has never looked better and I feel more awake now. It's annoying how, like exercising, drinking water does make you feel better. It is hot. Don't get dehydrated. Get a giant water bottle.

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