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Joel Embiid Manages To Insult Ben Simmons In Defense Of Ben Simmons

Joel Embiid high fives Ben Simmons.

Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

Joel Embiid has many talents, but concealing his true feelings does not appear to be one of them. To take just one example: this old expression of his true feelings and this recent attempt at concealment. Today the Sixers leader is doing his best to perform public support of his beleaguered teammate Ben Simmons, who just announced, from the trading block on which he has languished for several months, that he would really like to be traded. Embiid's last reserve of respect for Simmons appeared to go up in smoke the moment Simmons turned down this dunk. This did not stop the big man from claiming that he loves playing with Ben.

He kept it up for another tweet.

And began drifting away by the third.

Probably if I was mounting a public defense of Ben Simmons I would not call attention to just how much I'd added to my own game during offseasons, or conclude it with the phrase "but not everyone is built like that."

At least Simmons got 40 minutes of goodwill from his soon-to-be-ex-teammate. That's probably better treatment than Andre Drummond got.

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