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Jags Mascot Jumps Off Top Of Stadium To Impress Handful Of Fans

Jaxson de Ville bungee jumping. There are not many fans there.

The Jacksonville Jaguars are 0-2 to start this season. They went 1-15 last year. Also, they are the Jacksonville Jaguars. As such, at game time today, attendance was kind of light. You can see how few people were in the stadium in the video below.

Look how thrilled Jaxson de Ville is to jump off the top of the stadium! He is a big silent mascot and yet you can see the excitement radiating from his furry suit before this jump. He even does a flip!

Then you see him fall, and you can tell there aren't even that many fans in attendance. Jacksonville's stadium seats 67,000, so presumably some number of people actually did see this mascot's daring feat, but geeze. It coulda been more. Jaxson deserves better than that.

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