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Rays Week

It’s Rays Week

Illustration by Mattie Lubchansky

It's been more than a year since we embarked on the smashing success that was Senators Week. Since then we've had plenty of time to ask ourselves some important questions. Questions like, Boy, everyone sure loved Senators Week, right? and, Everyone definitely wants us to do this again next year, right? and, It would certainly be in everyone's best interest to make our second theme week even more strange and inscrutable than our first one, correct? Since you're a smart and attentive person, you already know that the answer to each of those questions was a resounding, Yes!

So it's Rays Week. That means that for this week, the bulk of our blogging output will be about all manner of Rays, rays, and possibly even Reys. Certainly there will be blogs about everyone's favorite baseball team in Tampa, cool sea creatures, and fellas (both real and fictional) named Ray. And of course there will be some time to celebrate Ray Ratto, our very own Ray. (The first wise-ass who asks, Isn't every week on this site technically Rays Week given how much more Ratto writes than the rest of you? gets punched in the arm.)

OK, Rays Week begins now!

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