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It’s Kershaw Time! And It’s Also Your NLCS Open Thread

Clayton Kershaw #22 of the Los Angeles Dodgers warms up prior to Game Four
Tom Pennington/Getty

The fans are back in the stands, the Dodgers are back to hitting big dingers at will, and the best pitcher of his generation is back to try not to choke his team's hopes away.

David Roth and I will be with you tonight watching Game 4 of Dodgers-Braves, but feel free to use this thread to also yak about the end of Rays-Astros, the Chiefs' signing of Le'Veon Bell, or whatever else is on your mind. If you want to talk about the Trump/Biden town halls tonight, however, please do so here.

Update (11:53 p.m. ET): All over! 10-2 Braves. It may not have been "Kershaw Time" as we usually understand it, but it was definitely "Playoff Kershaw Time."

Thanks to everyone who joined. See you in the morning.

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