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It’s Cruel To Make The Jaguars Keep Playing Football

Jaguars and Jets go for a fumble in the end zone
Dustin Satloff/Getty Images

How is Trevor Lawrence feeling today? Probably not that great. He just had to play in the Shit Bowl, which saw the 3-11 New York Jets taking on the 2-12 Jacksonville Jaguars. The Jets came into the game with 20 players on the COVID-19 list, and the Jaguars came into as, well, the Jaguars (they were also missing Myles Jack). The Jets won, 26-21, thanks to some hilarious fuckups on the Jaguars’ final drive of the game.

Lawrence drove the Jags down the field to open the game; Jacksonville kicked a field goal. The Jets responded with a TD, but Lawrence converted a fourth down, and then Will Richardson recovered Lawrence’s fumble in the end zone for a touchdown. Jaguars lead!

OK, so the Jets took the lead for good on Braxton Berrios’s 102-yard kickoff return. But the Jaguars had a chance at the end. Did they ever! Down five with 1:47 left, Lawrence moved the ball down the field; his 26-yard scramble gave the Jags first-and-goal at the five with 32 seconds left. That’s where things got hazy.

First down, incomplete. Second down, complete pass to Marvin Jones at the one. The Jaguars then ran up to the line and … spiked it with 12 seconds left. Run a play into the end zone!!

On fourth down, the Jaguars had issues lining up, the pass was incomplete, and they got an illegal shift penalty on it to boot. What a finish. Jets win. Jaguars keep pace for the No. 1 overall pick.

So, not the best game in what's already been a horrendous season for Jacksonville. But hey, they still have two games left to play, and maybe they can build some positive momentum going into next season.

Ah, well. Nevertheless.

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