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Hopefully Some Giants Fans Enjoyed Their Free Medium Sodas

Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

There are a lot of bad teams in the NFL, and at some point over the course of the season, each one gets to enjoy a little time in the spotlight of suck. The Lions got in there early and had a hard time exiting, the Jaguars spent several weeks sweating under a particularly hot beam of attention, and now it seems like it is the New York Giants' turn to stand at center stage and display for the world how awful they are.

The Giants lost to the Cowboys yesterday, 21-6. This loss stuck out for a few reasons, one of them being that the Giants started Mike Glennon at quarterback, who blessed the home fans with 99 passing yards and three interceptions. Also of note is the fact that this loss gave the Giants 10 for the season, which means that the team has now lost at least 10 games in five consecutive seasons.

What's perhaps worse than the losses is that the Giants don't seem any closer to executing any kind of rebuilding plan than they were five years ago. Some of those struggles can be chalked up to the awkwardness with which the team exited the Eli Manning and Odell Beckham Jr. era, as well as the fact that Saquon Barkley missed almost all of last year with a catastrophic knee injury. Still, it would be fair for fans to expect to see something out of this team by now, some flash of real potential from Daniel Jones, some draft picks paying off, some glimmer of a brighter future. What they have instead is a directionless and uninspired team that can't even be relied on to score more than one touchdown a game.

But they do have free soda! Which brings us to the real reason why today is the day to heap scorn upon the Giants:

A few things to note about this "fan appreciation" giveaway: Fans were given a free medium soda in a regular-ass cup, and the team only allotted one free soda per PSL holder, which meant that even if one person had six season tickets under their account, they still only got one soda.

God, can you imagine an experience more bleak than traveling to New Jersey on a cold December Sunday to watch Mike Glennon piss the ball around the field while sharing with your family a single tiny free soda that you first had to spend thousands of dollars on a PSL in order to get? I think we can only conclude that the Giants are running an experiment to find out just how badly they can treat their fans and still get away with it.

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